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Gelatin capsules are one of ways to medication and supplementation are formulated for oral consumption. Encapsulation protects the APIs in gelatin capsules from exposure to outside contaminants, environmental degradation and possible loss or exposure to unwilling conditions. Capsule Manufacturers in India describe Gelatin capsules by their texture and manufacturing process. The Users choose Gelatin capsules for their ease of digestion or palatability. Despite these differences, little variation exists between the types of gel capsules available on the market.

Two types of gelatin capsules are manufactured in India by the capsule manufacturers: hard gelatin capsules and soft gelatin capsules (softgels). Hard gelatin capsules usually contain dry or powdered medications or supplements, whereas soft gel capsules typically contain solutions or oils in which the active ingredient is mixed with or dissolved in oil. Some patients prefer one type of gelatin capsule over the other for the ease of swallowing, storage and shelf life or feel. The technical requirement of molecule is also important while making selection of capsule form at the time of capsule manufacturing.

At Switzer Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. we have a WHO GMP approved capsule manufacturing facilities for both kinds of capsule forms i.e. soft gelain capsules and hard gelatin capsules. We offer best quality products, best in-time delivery, competitive rates, which helps us to retain our customers spread the world over since years. We are exporting capsules manufactured in our Indian pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities to around 15 countries spread the world over.

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